« Un Peu » package Economic and generous

The low-price package, perfect for calling, surfing the web and watching TV with total peace of mind.
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Max. download speed : up to 50 Mbit/s
Wi-Fi (WLAN) and Modem included
5 @netplus.ch e-mail addresses with 1 GB of storage space
Access to your emails from any computer (webmail and Client)
Anti-spam and anti-virus protection for e-mail
Wi-Fi Fon     |     Parental Control
     - Option: 10/1 Mbit/s for CHF 10.- less per month
InternetTelephony (option: + CHF 10.-)
Free calls to Swiss landlines (24/7)
Landline connection     |     Le Bouclier (anti-spam)
     - Option: 2nd telephone line (CHF 10.-/month)
InternetMobile (option: from CHF 0.- / month)
Mobile subscription from CHF 0.- per month through your BLI BLA BLO package
CHF 10.00 discount on additional mobile subscription (max. 5 per household)
Unlimited calls to the net+ network (landline and mobile)
Full-speed internet in Switzerland (subject to your data consumption)
     - Option: Additional minutes and data for your use in Switzerland
     - Option: Voice and data packages for your trips abroad
+190 channels including +100 in HD
Cloud recording: 20 hours of recording, saved for 4 month
Replay TV: 30 hours on over 90 TV channels
Live/Pause, Start-Over
Mobile TV: + 100 channels, Replay TV feature included
VOD: over 8,000 movies and TV series available to rent or purchase
SVOD included: TFOU MAX with thousands of videos (cartoons, movies, educational content)
     - Option: 2nd set-top box with the same functions as the main box
     - Option: 10 thematic channel bundles and language bundles
     - Option: Optional extra channels

All our prices are in CHF and tax-inclusive (VAT and copyright included)

General terms and conditions
Check the availability of offers as well as the general terms and conditions with your BLI BLA BLO distributor.

More Internet speed, 7 days of Replay TV and 200 hours of recording!

With BLI BLA BLO, making phone calls has never been so advantageous and easy.

With BLI BLA BLO, get CHF 10.00 off your mobile contract!

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