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All our prices are in CHF and tax-inclusive (VAT and copyright included)
1 1 Gbit/s on fibre-optic cable, 500 Mbit/s on coaxial cablel  |  Additional connection and service charges may apply depending on the operator. Services subject to availability from the partner network and eligibility at the customer’s address.

*Terms of the offer
First 6 months free promotion applies to all new SOLO net, BLI BLA BLO pack or Liberty pack customers. 
Minimum contractual duration to take advantage of the offer: 24 months

Not availaible for net+ FR customers


  • Internet 10 Mbit/s (- CHF 10.- /month – only with the “Un Peu” package)
  • 2nd telephone line (CHF 10.-/month)
  • 2nd set-top box: options are the same as in the regular package (CHF 10.-/month)
  • Thematic channel bundles (CHF 10.- to CHF 55.-/month)
  • Optional extra channels (CHF 5.- to CHF 35.-/month)


Take advantage of our ultra-fast speeds to enjoy unlimited downloads and surf without slowing down.

  • Ultra-fast download: up to 1 Gbit/s with fibre-optic cable (500 Mbit/s coaxial cable)
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Free parental web control option


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